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  1. I am indeed, just cant turn the top on from the bottom like I did with the mechanical switches.
  2. I'm sure lidl have a spares website, but as there predominantly German suppliers it may be cheaper to buy another set...... the wife asks you, but why have we got a spot in the cutlery drawer ? Well I hear you reply.... I know how shiny they look when they come out of the dish washer I just wanted to showcase them when the drawer is opened..... secretly thinking yes she bought it .... she's then thinking you lost the plot , all the time your clicking the extra remotes so its begining to look like a rave. Lol
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    What’s generally known as a Right Royal Cock Up :rolleyes:
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    Apart from all the help , I am an old foggy ,people today go to the gym and do all keep fit ,but can not get out of a chair to swith a light on ,have fun as all these electronic switches will pack as cheaply made ,be aware
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    Yes I do wonder about the TV advert with some one sitting on what looks like a bike with no wheels, would not a real bike be better and get a view and fresh air? As to get out of bed to switch light off, or on, that means going to and fro bed in the dark. I want to be able to switch lights on/off from the bed at night, yes the cat does alert one if you tread on it, but noise wakes rest of house, plus can end up with scratches on ones leg.

    The cure is two way lighting, but the wireless option means no cutting a channel in the wall and re-decorating. As it gets dark no problem getting up and switching on lights, well I say that, TV will auto switch off after a set time, and I have say down to watch TV, dosed off, only to wake in darkness, and I have used TV remote to get enough light to see clear way to light switch.

    But upload_2021-7-31_9-11-6.png this costs £2.39, and Lidi bulbs £7.50 that is an easy and quick way around the problem of two way switches not working, assume two remotes one top one bottom, so just over £12 to get two way switching with no rewiring required. If the bulb used not available in Lidi or Aldi the latter do some BA22d bulbs zigbee, then need to look as hard wired remote controlled switch, my wife has silly G9 bulbs in her room.

    I prefer a plug in device, then if it goes wrong easy to unplug, but the kinetic switch from MK has some good reviews, expensive yes, but cheaper than rewire the lights. Not even a battery to change, it generates enough power from your finger.
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