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  1. djbraidy

    djbraidy New Member

    I have just bought an upstand 800mm in height. The tope of it falls just under the extractor fan with a bit of wall still showing. I was wondering if that is ok or does it need to fit behind the extractor fan. There is a defect with the upstand that I bought so I might be able to see if I can go for 900mm height.
    Thanks very much
  2. kitfit1

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    I take it you mean "backsplash" not upstand ?
    If your hob is gas the minimum height of the hood above the burners is 750mm, the burners themselves are 50mm above the worktop. Therefore the minimum backsplash height is 800mm off of the worktop. If the hood can't be moved up of down, i would go for a 900mm backspash and cut it to size.
  3. djbraidy

    djbraidy New Member

    Thank you so much for the advice. I have electric (ceramic) hob. I think I will go for an 800 mm backsplash

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