UPVC Door Lock Handle issue

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Stuart267, May 26, 2023.

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    Having a bit of a problem with my uPVC door handle lock mechanism. To lock I normally lift the handle to engage the 5 point lock system and the handle freely springs/moves back to the horizontal position and you turn the key to lock.

    However, last night handle sticks up at 45 degree angle and needs clicked back to horizontal position. I can lock/unlock as usual but the handle is not returning as usual to horizontal position on its own.

    Is this a handle issue or the uPVC gearbox needing repaired/replaced?

    Many thanks for any advice
  2. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

    If your uPVC door handle is relatively modern then it will likely have spring cassettes already built into the handle which may just require lubrication, or they may be broken?

    To check this you will need to remove your door handle by unscrewing the two screws visible on the internal handle. Once the two screws have been removed the handles should just slide away and out from the door.

    The spring cassettes should be located over the spindle hole in the back of the door handle backplate.
    If you find they are broken, replacement cassette springs are available from various outlets.
    Good luck.:)

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