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  1. StotheC

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    Hi all

    I’m getting water coming in at the bottom of our porch door and it looks to be a door seal as it’s coming apart. Question is I have no idea about doors and not sure which one I need as there two types from what I can see. Any suggestions?

    picture attached of what’s there currently

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  2. DIY0001

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    There are dozens of different types and you may not be able to get a direct replacement for the fitted seal.
    Take some measurements from the existing seal and compare it to one of the types available.

    I've used https://centralextrusions.co.uk/ before. They have a wide range and will send samples if you find a couple of similar types and are not sure which to use. Check under "Gaskets".
  3. carl24bpool

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    What you want is some sort of bubble or repair gasket but it can be trial and error.

    In addition to getting the actual thickness right so it compresses properly you will also need to make sure the lug that pushes into the groove is the right size or it will fall right out or never even push in.

    I would suggest you find a local frame manufacturer and take your gasket with you to get it matched up, Using Ebay can be time consuming and costly with these issues.

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