UPVC Door Side Panel Glass- Should it be Safety Glass?

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  1. studio500

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    Hi All
    I recently purchased a new steel composite front door with matching glass side panels and fitted the door onto a porch I had built on the front of the house.
    I was told by the seller that the door was made in Germany but it turns out it was actually made in Poland and already, some of the chrome components have started to pit.

    After fitting ceramic floor tiles over the weekend, I noticed a small amount of tile adhesive had dried on the bottom of one of the glass side panels. I got a small scraper and started to scrape it off but sadly I slipped and the scraper slid between the frame and the rubber windows gasket causing an instant crack to appear in the glass. I was shocked that the glass had cracked so easily, as there really had been very little pressure applied.

    I then thought to myself that surely all door glass of a certain width should be safety glass in the UK as per regulations and the glass surely shouldn't have cracked so easily and in the way that it did.

    It was a definite crack that started small and which eventually travelled the width of the pane.

    Not having a great deal of knowledge in this area, can anyone tell by the images shown if this does indeed look like safety glass or not?
    I ask, because all the safety glass I have ever seen cracked or smashed, breaks into thousands of little pieces, but I'm probably referring to laminate glass such as in patio doors etc.

    I'm trying to find out if I've been ripped off or not in regards to the requirement of safety glass.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. studio500

    studio500 New Member

    For reference, the glass panel is over 350mm wide but I have no idea how to ascertain if it is safety glass or not.

    This is a closer image of the glass two days later, which to my untrained eye appears to be standard glass.
  3. jonathanc

    jonathanc Active Member

    That should be safety glass. Look for an etched kite mark in the corner with the British standard number. Safety glass does not mean it is tougher, it means either it is laminated or treated so it shatters into small safe pieces

    Yours might be laminated given that crack
  4. studio500

    studio500 New Member

    Thank you Jonathanc,
    You've basically confirmed my suspicions. There are no Kite markings at all on any of the glass side-panels.
    I found the following information regarding Kitemarks useful and will post it here just in case others face a similar issue.

    According to section 7 of BS 6262-4:2005, the safety glass needs to be permanently marked so that it is clearly visible after installation. By marking glass, consumers and Building Control Officers have confidence that it conforms to standards and regulatory requirements.
    To demonstrate conformity, the mark must:
    (i) Identify the manufacturer with their name or trademark; and
    (ii) Reference the relevant product standard.

    What is meant by ‘reference the relevant product standard’ is to include one of the following standards that safety glass can comply with:

    • BS EN 12150 – to identify toughened glass
    • BS EN 14449 – to identify laminated glass
    • BS EN 14179 – to identify heat soaked, thermally toughened glass.
    Looking at my double glazed panel, I don't think it is laminated as it appears very thin indeed. I know that a visual inspection alone won't be able to determine this but I'm pretty certain it's not. It's certainly not toughened glass as it wouldn't crack like that.

    I think I have no choice but to make a claim through my Credit card company to resolve this as there are a number of other issues with the door that I haven't mentioned.
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  5. KIAB

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    Just looked at DG glazed door side panel here, & it's clearly marked with kit marked & BS marks in top corner.
  6. DaveF

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    Security glass is usually laminated in which case it will crack just like ordinary glass. It can be used in place of safety glass but that panel is large enough that regulations certainly apply to it. I know that if this was ordinary glass it would have to be 10mm but I am not sure about laminated. Honestly it if broke that easily it doesn't sound like it's correct so I would definitely check up with a glass supplier.

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