Upvc French door leak and lock issue

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  1. arfie

    arfie New Member

    Thank you for considering my issue.
    Background - water seeping from bottom of sealed unit, door drains into the frame to the exterior.
    Suspect blockage somewhere but I can’t get the left hand door open(the one that’s always closed, hardly used).
    Lock operates as expected but handle will not go down. Started removing the metal ‘safeware’ strip(to try and gain access to the lock retaining screw) but the screw circled in yellow will not budge. Should it?
    My thinking is that if I gain access and remove the lock, the mechanism may operate. Have used easing oil to try and free everything.
    Any help very much appreciated.

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  2. Dan Parkinson

    Dan Parkinson Active Member

    I suspect it should come out. Can you not remove the unit first to check the weep holes. 10 minutes work for the sake of not breaking anything and not being able to lock the door again.
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  3. arfie

    arfie New Member

    I can’t budge that screw without dread of breaking it(having had 24h of easing oil). I have put a water jet to the outside seals and water runs in the frame channel so suspect the glass cavity drains are clear. Inner bead looks low so suspect water is building and flowing towards the inside. Also realised under the door is flat so water tracking towards inside the house. Are all exterior seals replaceable? Working towards confidence to remove the beads and glass to see about the seals.
    I guess it’s a locksmith job concerning the lock?

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