Valspar emulsion left house smelling of cat urine

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by jenniferbtheberge13, May 27, 2018.

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    The Valspar stink issue seems to just go on and on. This vile paint is not fit for sale and Valspar are not helpful at all. They have had so many complaints that a few more don't matter. That does not leave you in a very good position though with a smelly house. It will not get better on its own. The only solution to this is to re-coat everything you painted in Valspar with Zinser BIN blocker. This deprives the bacteria on your smelly Valspar walls of oxygen and kills it after a few weeks. The smell however will disappear straight away. Repaint after a week in a proper paint. Zinser also do a great range of non smelly mixable emulsion paint which is really good. I only use this brand now in my house. BIN is sold in B&Q but their paint is not sold in the big sheds so check their website for local stockists. Prices are good for it as well but the BIN is very expensive at £40 for 2.5L. Sorry, but this is genuinely proven to be the only solution that works if you want a non smelly, normal house again. Don't try bleaching your walls, its messy and the smell will only be back again with a vengeance after a few days.
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    Has anyone got to the bottom of this to actually correct the problem? I've been reading the forum and taking advice and still haven't managed to correct the issue. I have a hall, 3x ceilings (one of which includes the entire room) in the Valspar cat pi** paint. I've gone over all Valspar surfaces with Dulux Trade Stain block (as recommended by Valspar following getting compensation). It hasn't worked - you really notice it when windows are open and the sun hit the room. In one of the rooms I scrapped all paint off the ceiling down to the plaster, this then caused dust to go everywhere including Valspar paint dust (and we still haven't managed to get the small out of the room - albeit it is significantly better than before I took the paint off).

    I'm seriously considering re-plastering all affected Valspar surfaces. Has anyone got to this stage? Did re-plastering over the affected Valspar paint work? Has the smell ultimately gone (or did you then have to apply Zinzer / sealer too?) and you can now use the room for what it was originally intended for, or have you just condemned part of your house... as we have to this point!!!!!! I want my house back now, please help me!!!! 2 years of Valspar hell!!!
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    To be fair I painted my house with cats urine and it now smells like paint.
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    Burmese Blue!:rolleyes:
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    I have used Valspar once in 33 years being a painter and decorator, not my choice customer supplied it, a vile purple colour from b & q, took me 4 coats on the walls to get it to cover, the worst paint I have ever used and would never use again, maybe the trade Valspar is better
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    The problem was valspar removed a chemical from the mix then the cats pee started smelling they have since put the chemical back in. To sort your smell out you will need to re paint. Complain to the store I'm sure others have and they cover the cost of more paint always worth a try
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    I’ve recently painted our bedroom with a Valspar from their new Bookcase collection and it stinks of wee. Doesn’t look as though they’ve done anything to solve the problem. One of the areas painted was under our bay window, which i’d first treated for mild damp before papering with Wallrock KV600 and then Wallrock’s Fibreliner. These let the wall breath, will the Zinsser BIN primer prevent that? I could strip the Fibreliner I suppose but I really don’t want to.
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    This is such a serious problem. Painted our walls and the smell started to appear. Eventually it made the news and we tried to claim compensation only for them to want to see the receipts. Like everyone I don't keep receipts for paint I applied over 6 months prior and finished with the tins. Why would you keep paint receipts???

    Fast forward to today where we couldn't stand it any longer so took the hit on the chin, applied 2 coats of Zisser with new rollers. Applied 2 coats of non-valspar emulsion with another set of new rollers. Now, in this warm weather the smell is worse than ever and I cannot figure out why. I can sniff the walls and I can smell it. The cat pee smell is in the walls and fills the room. A bedroom of all places and no, its not the cat as we don't have one.

    I have just emailed Valspar as I simply cannot just live with the smell and I can only see a total strip and re-plaster as the only option and after spending hundreds to paint it first time, even more for the second time as well as the time off work I had to take there is no way Im letting this go with a 'Sorry, tough luck' email.

    That one little f'up of using Valspar the first time has cost us so much more than a simple tin of paint. This is our home, our forever home and now its a stinking pile of crud. Thanks Valspar!
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    What Zinsser did you use?
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    Try the vinegar and water trick as that will take the smell away for now with any luck. Maybe.. I guess paint stripper to get it off at some point is the best option. Must be a really big room if you used 10lt of BIN as that's enough for a small house to seal so I think you need legal advice. Maybe your home insurance legal team can help..hope it works out for you
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    I think it depends on how much air and sun the affected gets. Stripping it off the wall has worked in our main room, I did use Zinser BIN as a primer after taking it off and had to remove the carpet...

    One of our rooms has had 2x coats of Dulux Stain Blocker and Primer, 2x normal paint and 2x Zinser BIN.

    Hallway worked ok with just 2x coats of the Dulux... less light and air getting to that space.

    I still have one more room to fix, 2x coats of Dulux didn’t work...
  13. BloodyValspar

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    After some back and forth with Valspar and a chat with a lawyer we found out there is nothing we can do without proof of purchase. Which, I painfully understand.

    However!!! As luck would have it while having a clearout of the cupboard where **** lives we found the receipt. Holy mother of Joseph we found the actual receipt from our purchase in Sept 2016 (smell appeared the following summer).

    Emailed them back will see how it goes but they cant stop me now. Oh no! Over £100 spent on their **** paint!
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    I always now take photo of reciepts & keep them on usb stick,learnt a lesson years ago, kept receipts in box in drawer,needed one, totally blank, ink has just disappeared,nothing.:mad:
    Fortunately bank statement confirmed purchase.
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    Have you had any joy ?

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