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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by sospan, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Just started one of the things I really dislike - looking for a new vehicle.

    I was looking for a crew type van preferably an automatic. Understandably not a lot on the pre-owned market. So I started looking at the prices for new vehicles. Wow, I wasn't expecting those prices - £34k for a van! I accept that the new vans are pretty high specification with lots of useful features but the prices are crazy.

    However, looking at pick ups, I can get more choice of what I need either new or pre-owned. So it looks like its going to be pick up with a hard top on the back and trailer hitch. The only downside seems to be the fuel ecconomy

    Anybody got any experience of Ford , Mitsubishi or Toyota pickups
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    Totally agree van prices are crazy been looking to get a new one for 3months, I see vans on 150k mileage going for £10000
  3. sospan

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    I just saw a T5 on ebay for £8.5k with 200,000

    The trouble with a lot of vans you really don't know how they have been abused. A lot of the 4x4s have just been driven to the supermarket and as a run around very few have seen any mud!
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