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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by Michael dobbin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Michael dobbin

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    I am going to install a cctv system operated on mi-fi in my van. How do I go about setting up a power supply for this?
    What do I need?
  2. AnotherTopJob

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    Depends what voltage your cctv needs. A lot of household systems run on 12v, although ideally it would need a seperate battery/charging system.

    One easier option might be a dash cam and hard-wire kit. They normally run constantly until the voltage drops below a certain level to avoid a flat battery. If you're using the van every day, it should have plenty of charge to run all night.
  3. Zed1001

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    You might want to consider the Blink system. They run off AA lithium batteries, last for ages.
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  4. MGW

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    Years ago I used a Durite rectifier in a Lucas alternator so the warning light supply was same size as main output, then added a further three diodes for warning light, so alternator had duel outputs, so it could charge a second battery independently however today that is not required, there are inverters made that will give two independent outputs one float for the starter battery and one stage charging for the auxiliary battery mainly used with canal boats, there is also a version which stage charges the bow thruster battery from the main battery, although Sterling is the most well know, there are a load of other makes, Ring and Durite for example.

    However the big problem is a van only runs for a short time, the canal boat will have engine running likely 6 hours a day, but a van lucky if it runs for 2 hours, so in the main the battery pack works out better, I have a 12 Ah lead acid driving a 300 VA inverter in a jump start pack which is ample for my needs. It charges from mains or cig socket, unless your going to the lengths used with police cars and ambulances where engine can be left running but can't be driven away, then really a simple pack will likely work better.

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