Vehicle theft and the number behind the windscreen

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by diymostthings, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. diymostthings

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    Our car - and most other newish ones I have looked at - have a very long number printed so as to be visible through the widscreen from outside. It must carry a lot of information about the vehicle but I wonder if someone "in the know" could extract enough information to make a duplicate key!

  2. Phil the Paver

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    The number is the VIN number, ( vehicle identification number), this on it's own will not be enough to get a new key for your vehicle, the dealer will also need the key code, this code will be in the vehicles brain and is only accessible via a diagnostic code reader.
  3. diymostthings

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    Thanks for the reassurance Phil - I'm getting paranoic in my old age!

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  5. Jitender

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    There was something on Watchdog regarding and issues with BMWs.
  6. Jitender

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  7. Mr. Handyandy

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    What happens to the number when AutoGlass comes and puts in a new windscreen?

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  8. Jitender

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    The number isn't on the windscreen, its on a plate on the dash.
  9. Phil the Paver

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    The number is actually stamped into the the main bodywork of the car, the dash is just cut out at that point so the number can be seen.

    The days of VIN number being on plates is long gone, due to crooks removing them and fitting them on to other vehicles.
  10. Mr. Handyandy

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  11. My van has a high tech security system called sometimes cant be started even with the key
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  12. flateric

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    Extra security measure jump leads required :) I cannot recall any car thief walking the streets armed with these
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  13. CraigMcK

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    The one behind the glass on mine looks like a label, it's certainly not on anything structural, it is stamped in other places around the car though
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  15. woodbine66

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    My van has a low tech security deterrent fitted as standard. It's the Fiat badge on the grille. :D
  16. sospan

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    Don't need to lock my vehicles any more.

    I have a security system like this


    Weighs 15st runs at 28 mph, can eat a raw chicken, bones and all in around 15 seconds.
  17. DNR Plumbing

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    A modern car cannot be started without the key. However if you plug into the OBD socket (diagnosis plug) you can acces the cars ECU (Brain) and add an new key if you have the correct software and a blank key.
    From a VIN number you can find out the Cut of the key from most manufactures, but you would need a few bent people to get one cut without having full proof the vehicle is yours,often it's done by the manufacturer and sent to your local dealer who will then ask for the car to be taken or recovered to them if you have lost your keys for reprogramming and won't release the new key until you prove the car is yours. so the chance of most cars been taken with a duplicate key is very rare, the cars been taken this way are top end £25k> cars that are worth the effort and should be tracked to be fair (expensive cars are usually tracked as part of their insurance or should be)
  18. An dy1962

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    No It only contain build information who/what/where and when, The key code itself would a different number completely you may need the VIN number as well as the Key code but you cannot get a key cut from a vin number any more I think you could with the old Rover but the dealer was supposed to ask to see the logbook and other Identification.

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