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  1. supa54

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    Does anyone know where to find the sizes for the sealed units for velux windows? If I know the code - the GGL number etc. I need to find the glass sizes so I can order from a glazier and not direct from velux, jewson etc as they double the actual costs of these units. Velux themselves won't give out the sizes as they want to supply themselves at inflated prices. Any ideas anyone?
  2. joinerjohn

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    Why not just measure the opening the unit fits into??
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    Just googled velux gass sizes and one result was a thread here in 2008,when i measured for any unit from inside it was timber to timber and add 24mm,this is for 12mm each side for the glass to sit on a rebate,same for the height but you add more because the unit goes a bit further down,see page 6 here.....

    I think you need to add 60 or 70mm to the height,but the best thing to do is to flip it over just short of vertical and remove the screws and ali flashings and measure the exact width and height,the overall thickness should be 20mm,thats 4/12/4 and make sure you order toughened glass not float
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    You just need to open & rotate velux so your looking at the outside face measure aluminium internal edge to edge of the retaining trim then simply add 24mm to each size. most velux are 20mm overall units so a basic calculation for example is edge to edge 563 + 24 x 370 + 24 = 587mm x 394mm Clear toughened pilks k glass with a silver spacer of 12mm you obviously can inprove the energy rating of the unit ( U.Value ) by using 2 x insulating glass & a warm edge spacer bar with argon gas fill.
    Hope that helps ?
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    just go to the velux site type in the velux model it will show all the info you need
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