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  1. stringer

    stringer New Member


    I am struggling to find out what to do.

    I have 3 external vents above the dampproof layer, 2 linked into the kitchen and one into the livingroom.

    The 2 in the kitchen have been plastered over in the inside, which was like that when we bought the house. I am not sure if i can block these off? the draught in the kitchen is horrendous.

    The one in the living room looks like it has been added at a later date and is plastic, the house used to have a back gas boiler and now doesn't i was wondering if they could all be blocked off?

  2. gordon bennett

    gordon bennett New Member

    Hi stringer
    I don't think you should be blocking off your air bricks,they are there for a purpose,to provide through ventilation under your timber floor.
    If you are getting draughts in your kitchen i suspect you haven't got any skirting fitted under your units,because you cant see them people don't fit them,bad move,also keeps out the creepy crawlies.
    Air bricks are there to keep under your timber floor dry.
    regards john.
  3. hallbeck

    hallbeck New Member

    Mr Bennett - what a load of nonsense.

    An air brick that externally is above the DPC and internally emerges into the room - is NOT ventilating under a suspended floor - how could it?

    The one in the living room was to provide fresh air for the gas fire - the ones in the kitchen were possibly there to ventilate gas cooking appliances.

    Block them up if you want.
  4. gordon bennett

    gordon bennett New Member

    Hallbeck i stand corrected,
    missread the question,assumed airbricks were under dampcourse,now i have read the question again,it clearly states above,i will get my eyes done in the morning.
  5. inkpad

    inkpad New Member

    How old is your house?

    In the old days before fridges they used to have air bricks to the larders to keep the food chilly and fresh

    Only block up if you have a fully functional fridgeidair with an operational fused plug
  6. stringer

    stringer New Member

    thanks for the replies, the house was built in 1979.

    what would be the recommended way to do this, I was thinking of getting adjustable vent covers that i could close in the winter and open in the summer. or would it be better to brick the off completely?

    thanks again
  7. Big Jumbo

    Big Jumbo New Member

    Hi Stringer,
    For the benefit of those of us who are hard of hearing, could you measure and confirm that the two vents which are blocked on the inside actually terminated <u>above</u> the floor.

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