Veritas R8 OLD Installation Manual

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Parsy, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Parsy

    Parsy New Member

    Hi all,

    Can anyone supply me with a copy of the above installation manual for the old R8 alarm panel. Pre 2000 I believe. If not the full thing even a copy of the page that shows the programming codes. Send to

    Thanks in advance.
  2. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    sent one for ya buddy! ;)
  3. ManFromManc

    ManFromManc New Member

    Hi General hope you can help

    I have a veritas R8 alarm but have a problem with the Part Set function as a sensor overlooks the keypad and keeps setting the alarm off unless I omit that zone.

    Is it possible to change this annoying zone so that it is either disconnected or set to entry/exit during part set?

    unfortunately it is a ex-show house and I wasn't supplied with any manuals so downloaded the User Manual from tinternet but I think I need the installation manual

    Cheers in advance
  4. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    no probs mate! send us an e-mail address and i'll sent you the engineer/programming manual. :)
  5. ManFromManc

    ManFromManc New Member

    Cheers General

    Don't want to put my email address on here, will create a temporary one unless it is possible to send a Personal Message??!!

    Please keep watching this post
  6. *welsh.wizard*

    *welsh.wizard* New Member

    "Don't want to put my email address on here, will create a temporary one <u>unless it is possible to send a Personal Message??!!"</u>

    That where THIS Comes in Handy.

    PM and E-mail Through the forum. ;)

  7. fuze-box

    fuze-box New Member

  8. Parsy

    Parsy New Member

    None of the manuals have helped so far. I've looked on all the well known sites but all the manuals are too recent. My alarm was installed (by me) over 10 years ago. To access the programming menu I enter the engineers code then 00 not PROG. To change the code, it's 01 instead of 60.

    Anyone help out?
  9. Ripped Off

    Ripped Off New Member

    Do you run a market stall as well WW.
    Buy one get one free
  10. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    i've all the manuals for these panels mate, just give us an e-mail address!
  11. oliver1234

    oliver1234 New Member

    You did enter the programming mode by usin 00 instead of prog on early R8 and R8 plus panels.

    You will probably be able to use a Veritas 8 manual (the panel with the on board keypad) but again there were several software options.

    My advice would be to register with Texacom as an installer here:

    Registration takes a couple of days but once complete you will be able to download manuals and call tech support.
  12. Parsy

    Parsy New Member

    Cheers GM for your first try. I've just sent you a reply. Same email as before Hotmail does seem to be down at the moment.
  13. ManFromManc

    ManFromManc New Member

    Thanks Fuze-box that has the information that I require
  14. Parsy

    Parsy New Member

    Thanks to all that have helped me. I've now got a copy of the programming codes. If anyone needs a copy just ask.
  15. two phase

    two phase New Member


    I'm also after programming info for the old Veritas 8.

    Could you please send a copy to (a temporary account I've just set up).


    two phase
  16. two phase

    two phase New Member


    Of course there would be more chance of receiving a copy if I gave the correct e-mail address!


  17. general matter's

    general matter's New Member

    sent ya mannies two phase! ;)
  18. winnie

    winnie New Member

    I too am having problems with a Pre 2000 Veritas R8 alarm and would ask for the details of the pramming codes. Please could you send me a copy to
  19. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    About time someone hosted this manual somewhere. Get bored of being asked!
  20. ryan4585

    ryan4585 New Member

    Hi got a little problem... I was called out to check on a veritas alarm today and there is a tamper fault. I need the engineers manual to reset the unit. If anyone could email it to me i would be a very happ man!!!

    cheers all.

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