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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Kas228, Apr 15, 2019.

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    54BF6998-4E2F-4C58-A13E-424DDCBF8F7A.jpeg Hi , can anyone suggest best way to keep this treated post from rotting. As you can see it’s opened up and probably looks worse in photo than it is. it’s sound at present but what’s best way to preserve it. Fill it? Leave it open and treat regularly? What’s best to keep it from rotting just want your ideas. Thanks
  2. Kas228

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    It’s a garage door post in a timber car port. Not load bearing and protected from a lot of the weather by overhang from roof gutter etc but will get wet in heavy rain. Kicking myself that I did not notice earlier, but it’s in now and I’m not going to swap it out as it would be an awful lot of work. It is obviously vertical so no rain will sit in it as such. Can it be filed? Is that the best way forward.
  3. kiaora

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    Depending on your skill, maybe spice a bit of treated timber ?

    Or, how about posting on carpenter site here ?

    Good luck
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    Seriously, you're flapping over nothing :) leave it be.

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