Vibrating washing machine

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by GeorgeR, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. GeorgeR

    GeorgeR New Member

    I've recently re-done my kitchen and fitted the washing machine next to the sink unit, on a wooden floor. Even though I've made sure that the feet are all properly balanced and the washing machine is not actually touching the sink unit or worktop, it vibrates a lot at max (1600 rpm) spin speed - plates on the draining board rattle etc. Is there any effective way I can damp the vibrations, e.g. would some hefty rubber blocks under the feet help much?
  2. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Bouncy floorboards, most probably. Fitting rubber blocks would probably make it worse.
    You need to strengthen the floorboards. To start with, you should check that it is well screwed down under and around the washing machine. If it is(or doesn't help when you have done it)you may have to up the floor and put noggins between joists to strengthen the floorboards.

    Handyandy - really
  3. Hi George,

    Is it a new washing machine?

    If so have the transportation brackets been removed.

    Only reason i ask is because i went to a customers house last week with the same problem, and the brackets were still fitted.


  4. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    My wife insisted that our washing machine vibrated a lot.(dont know why) so I had the feet on thin floorboards and had only 3 of the machines feet in contact with the floor. It worked a treat.

  5. socketman

    socketman New Member

    My wife found out that the washing machine vibrated a lot and didn't even tell me....but at least i found out why she's had been smiling so much lately :)
  6. Hitch.

    Hitch. New Member

    My wife always overloads our machine,(and...i do sometimes!) this tends to create some serious vibrations!
    Could be as simple as that!
  7. plumbill

    plumbill New Member

    lay a new concrete floor mate, that'll stop its vibes
  8. bigbadleo

    bigbadleo Member

    the feet of the machine might b balanceed (all touching th ground)but is the machine LEVEL <this is important but as was already said all mounting bolts removed and also is the any packing left in or around the concrete drum? and over loaded drum or underloaded drum? if its an old machine the pistons could be ready to give way noisey to start then the machine will start 2 move on the floor! hope this helps
  9. taffy

    taffy New Member

    bearings have gone mate , just had them out to ours wife not happy with it still under warranty. I said same as all above engineer said bearings have gone never seen em go on this model before now it`s perfect

  10. ihaventaclue

    ihaventaclue New Member

    Taffy ... it wasnt a Hotpoint was it?? lol
  11. GeorgeR

    GeorgeR New Member

    Thanks guys for the really useful advice.

    To answer some of the questions: it's a new machine so the bearings should be OK, and I've checked that all the packing has been removed and that the machine is level. I realise that a concrete floor would be infinitely better, but that's not an option!

    I think I'll now check that the floor boards are screwed down properly, and maybe reinforce the joists if I can.
  12. spider06

    spider06 New Member

    This happened to my washing machine a while back. It used to vibrate and end up 2 or 3 feet away from where it started.

    Turned out the floor boards were not supported where they meet the wall. I ended up bracing them from underneath with a few bits of 2x2 and it worked a treat.
  13. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    had one lady client,whoes machine vibrated so much,i ad 2 take the pictures of the wall,an put it on a slower speed,an we aint talking washing machines ! ;)
  14. Andy Littleman

    Andy Littleman New Member

    I've got a similar problem - I saw in Lakeland Plastics booklet they do anti vibration pads for washing machines - sound very good in blurb - maybe worth a try?
  15. nigel

    nigel Guest

    There are several causes of vibration, needs to be level, if it vibrated as a result of not being level the vibrations can cause concrete weight on top or bottom of machine to break up which it turn causes more vibration.
    The mountings for the drum are damped to prevent vibration, they can become bent during transit or fail even on a new machine.If you are sure you have machine level on a sound surface and are not overloading then a repair may be needed.
  16. BOB THE B

    BOB THE B New Member

    This is a right problem. First its a poor machine, cheap and nasty, 2nd the whilst travelling in safety blocks are still in it [unlikely][seen in Italian Machines] try a sheet of lead under it, roofing lead, best advice -chuck it, or sell it. Sounds like a Zanussi.

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