Vokera boiler won't turn off automatically

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Darksleuth, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Darksleuth

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    I can see a Vokera boiler in the mum's house. While it will turn off and on, using the switches on the front of the the boiler, it won't respond to the timer or the thermostat.

    A friend of her's took a look and suggested that it might be a valve in the hotpress along side the water tank. It may sound stupid but I can't see how a valve there would turn off the boiler downstairs.

    The valve is a Detach V2220D if that means anything.

    I appreciate your help :)
  2. 14th edition

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    Need a bit more info, is there just one valve in the heating cupboard or two? Is the timer a separate unit or part of the boiler? I assume the timer switches the boiler at least to turn it on or it wouldn't work at all! In principal what happens is that either the power on the timer will switch on hot water or heating or both... but nothing else happens unless the room thermostat is asking for heat to be turned on, it does this by opening the valve. Equally with the hot water the timer turns on but unless the tank stat calls for heat and turns the MV on it won't switch the boiler on. They can be tricky to fault find and I suggest you get a spark or plumber in!
  3. Mike83

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    It does sound like the valve.
    Either the switch inside the valve has remained in the closed position or the valve body has seized with the valve remaining on.
  4. Mike83

    Mike83 Well-Known Member

    I think the only control he has is with the main on/off switch on the front of the boiler. It does require investigation but it’s classic faulty zone valve symptoms
  5. Darksleuth

    Darksleuth New Member

    Hey, thank you for the replies.

    There are two valves in the upstairs heating cupboard, just beside the hot water tank.

    The timer is separate and it's electronic, but wired. Regardless of the settings it has no influence, even after a reset.

    Even with the timer off, as soon as I turn the boiler to active, it turns on and then just stays on. When in this position before, it used to wait for a signal from the timer.

    The only thing that can seem to modulate the boiler is the setting for the water temperature on the front of the boiler, it'll switch off once the water reaches the set temp. But otherwise once the boiler is on, it stays on, no input from the thermostat or programmer.

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