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    OK so my new house has a Vokera boiler and I have spent most of the morning looking at wiring diagrams and scouring the internet... There is very little on Vokera and Nest. (Sorry I realise this is Nest installation post number ten billion).

    I have removed my nest from the Veissmann boiler in my old place (I installed this - worked fine) and am trying to figure out the wiring for the heat link. At present I kind wish I had taken the boiler with the nest.

    I have the Vokera Vision 25C and its a Nest 3rd Gen.

    The wiring diagram is attached. I basically know where to get the Live and Neutral from. I am wondering where to wire the heating controls in... Essentially do I wire them into the M2 thermostat control on the diagram? Or the CN5?

    My options are CN5 as then I can leave the boilers inbuilt controls off or use them as an override... Or wire into M2 and set the boilers own built in controls to have the central heating constantly on... Have I got this right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    PS Boiler instruction manual is here: https://www.vokera.co.uk/wp-content...C-User-Installation-and-Servicing-manual2.pdf

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    Looks like the CN5 connector on the PCB has 2 blue wires - one of which runs to a terminal strip which is labelled M2? And a black wire completes the connection.

    So I think I would remove the black link and connect the volt-free contacts of the heatlink to these.

    Your thermostat is taking the place of the black-wire and will open/close the circuit as dictated by the nest device.
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  3. furious_customer

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    Like this :-

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  4. Hadventure

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    Thanks. I saw that too at M2. I’ll put it there and leave the inbuilt controller or constantly. Makes sense.
  5. furious_customer

    furious_customer Active Member

    I think this connector will be wired in series with the in-built controller, so yeah it will need to be set to permanently on.
  6. Hadventure

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    Furious your a hero. Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me.
  7. furious_customer

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    No problem, I had a similar issue when wiring my nest up to my vokera and ended up calling Vokera tech support.
    Got through to a local guy (Glasgow) who was very helpfull after initially being puzzled as to why I wanted to be able to switch my heating on from the pub.

    BTW, if you have an amazon alexa you can control the nest from it - works really well.
  8. Hadventure

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    Just as a quick update - wired it in (as above) and it all works great! Thanks again.

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