Wagner Control 150m Sprayer leaking

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by PlumbyGas, May 20, 2022.

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    Afternoon all,

    Pretty much said it all in the title. We used to have a large “commercial” Wagner sprayer with a draw hose and two sprayer etc but the motor went bang.
    We need a quick fix and bout the control 150m which is for the small project market but it is a fan tasting little thing! About 2 years old now and never missed a beat.
    Very simple, little over spray, compact does everything we need.

    Been mist costing a 4bed house recently and noticed it has stated to leak from the bottom, images attached. It still have pressure to spray but leaks, leaks when you clean it, leaks with mist coat, leaks with 10% diluted.

    I stripped it down and cleaned everything, checked all the seals I could, all seems fine, checked the hose connects all good.
    Turned it on, sprayed and it started to leak.

    Anyone know a possible cause? Or a fix ?

  2. PlumbyGas

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  3. Scott Flett

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    I'm having the same problem for the second time. Bought the Wagner control 150M in 2019, one year later got the leaking from bottom problem, contacted Wagner and they send me a new one but now 2 yrs later this new machine started to leak just like the previous one I had. I'm contacting Wagner again and hope they can sort it. But now I'm not confident in relying on this Wagner control 150m anymore.
    By the time I realised was leaking it was all flooded under the machine but Lucky I had plenty dust sheets and plastic sheets under the machine and didn't make a mess at the clients carpet. I was really disappointed. It's an expensive sprayer to last only one year or two.
    I'm about to open the old one up and try to figure out the problem. Did anyone here managed to dig and find how to fix it???
    Thank you
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