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  1. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    This will be a long question- sorry. I want to install a walk in shower on a solid floor in a very old house. The foul drain runs under where the shower will be (yes it is inside the house) but about 1m away there is an inspection point (also inside the house). The easiest route for the waste water from the shower would be a relatively small channel to the inspection point (by the way it is brick construction) with an entry through the side wall. Is this allowed bearing in mind the property predates any recognisable building regs. (The current system would not be allowed today.) If this would be a solution to the drainage problem are there any tips etc for achieving a good connection.
  2. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    When you say solid, presume you mean concrete? Any idea how deep the existing drainage is?
  3. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    The drain is about 400mm below the floor level at the point where the shower will hopefully be. Due to its age it is obviously clay but I do not know without digging it up if it is in soil or if it was concreted in.
  4. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    OK. When you say walk in shower, do you mean a wet room?
  5. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    One other point - the drain passes directly under the shower so trying to connect the drain from the shower to the clay with any kind of rodding point would be impossible. The shower outlet if routed into the Inpsection / access point would be roddable if any blockage occurred. That is why I am suggesting directly routing it into the inspection chamber.
  6. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    Yes in effect that it is what it would be although I may use a shallow tray for the actual shower base.
  7. PhilSo

    PhilSo Active Member

    So it's a wet room with a shower tray!
    Sounds to me like you're out of your depth with this project :)

    Philso (hohoho )
  8. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    OK. If using a tray, digging out will be minimized, but you'll still need to dig down at least 100mm to get the trap and waste in, so in effect are digging a test hole that may dictate the approach.

    If I was doing it for a customer, then I would be digging out and connecting to the main run. 50mm, teed in...job done. Will never block up, unless you get a rat stuck in it! :)
    Obviously the potential for concreted in ceramic drains is reasonably high, hence the test hole to gauge how thick the concrete is.
  9. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    If (as is probable) the clay pipe (well over 100 years old) is surrounded by concrete how do I "T in" a 50mm plastic pipe without major excavation. I have never seen a modern connector for such an application. If I cut the clay to remove a section I will need to insert a new section of pipe so that I could fix a modern T but that will leave me with an upstream and a down stream join to the clay with no way of sealing it. I could not use a flexible "rubber" sleeve over the concrete for obvious reasons. I did do a job installing a new toilet for one of my daughters and rammed a toilet connector (the type with fins) into the clay (which satisfied Building Control) and was the able to continue with modern plastic but that was only in a downstream direction and was the end of the run. If I did that facing upstream there would be a lip with the possibility of snagging matter coming from further up the drain run. Can you give me more detail of your suggestion?
  10. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    If you look at my post the problem is the drain not the design of the shower. I have done several shower / wet room installations but never had this type of drain issue to resolve.
  11. FrazerG

    FrazerG New Member

    Well folks I am somewhat disappointed at this forum and the apparent lack of knowledge of its users. Having had no useful replies I spoke to my local building control officer who was very helpful. For the benefit of forum users my suggestion in the original post IS acceptable and is covered in Part H of the BC regulations. It is a worry that no forum contributor seems to know this!!!
  12. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    That's an unfair comment to make and rather arrogant.

    Firstly, the forum only exists due to the contributions of its members...who offer their input for FREE!

    Secondly, there is a whole host of contributors from the diyer to the seasoned pro.

    Thirdly, the majority of the advice given is very good, however it is given in good faith.

    The beauty of this forum is that anyone can contribute to any post, IF they want to. This often means some difference of opinions, heated debate and generally a bit of good humour...the outcome of which usually results in a solution for the original poster and further learning for the contributors. No one knows everything and not forgetting that this is a virtual service, with everyone giving up some time to try and help out.
    With regard to your specific enquiry, I tried to get the ball rolling and offered some advice...I gave you some of my time to try and help brainstorm a solution.

    It would be a better use of my time in not replying to your last post (or any of your posts for that matter) however it would have also been a better use of your time in coming back to say thanks for everyone who tried to help me, I've got a solution now, this is what it is if anyone is interested!!
  13. Jord86

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    What is a worry is your pig ignorant, condescending, sanctimonious, ungrateful attitude. CGN has taken his time to help you the best he can, with very little to go on, no pictures showing your situation, as far as I'm aware he's not a Jedi mind reader, and that's the response you give? You need to learn some manners.
  14. WillyEckerslike

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    I couldn't print what I was thinking and even Mrs Eckerslike asked me "Exactly who was an effing tw*t!?"
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    Don't just sit on the fence! Lol
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