Wall/Ceiling in bad condition - best way to tackle thus?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by split load, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. split load

    split load New Member


    I've offered to help out my parents as their front room walls/ceiling are in a bad condition and need sorting before decorating.

    The walls/ceiling have chipped paint and gouge marks from several wall paper removals.

    So what's the best way to tackle this?

    I've done a bit of plastering in my time, but only small jobs, rubbing it all down will take a lifetime! Any ideas???

  2. blomster

    blomster New Member

    I would say you have 3 options.

    1. Learn to skim. (not that hard really)
    2. Employ someone who can. (expensive)
    3. Filler and sanding to make good. (time consuming)

    Take your pick.
  3. split load

    split load New Member

    thanks for the advice blomster.

    Skimming sounds like the best one.

    From my limited knowledge a few mm of something like thistle plaster, level roughly, leave it, work when firm, finish with a little water and a float? Sound about right?

    The only scary part is doing a large area, I have to get my skates on applying it! before it goes off

  4. blomster

    blomster New Member

    Thats about right. Give the walls and ceiling a good brush down to get rid of any loose stuff.
    And pva before skimming. skim when pva is tacky.
    I'm certainly no plasterer and theres plenty here who can give you more detail but I use this method and it works for me. Its the timing thats tricky for the beginner but I picked it up pretty quick with a bit of practice.

    Good luck.
  5. blomster

    blomster New Member

    And yes you have to get it on pretty quick.
  6. split load

    split load New Member

    cheers, thanks for the advice.
  7. ­

    ­ New Member

    Make sure the room is cold, if it's at 20 degrees c the plaster will go off too fast for you and it's not good for the plaster either.

    So turn off all heating to that room at least 24 hours prior to plastering and keep door shut to stop heat entering.

    I don't envy you if it's your first 'big' area! Most people practice on a doorway type area first.

    Let us know how you got on ;)
  8. Tangoman

    Tangoman Active Member

    I love the advice - "learn to skim - not that hard really"!

    It isn't that hard - if you have someone who can around to teach you the basics, and time to put in lots of practise first.

    I learned a few years back on a weekend course. It then took me a good few walls to get an acceptable finish - now I find it easy - doesn't sound like you have that long to practise though!

    If the existing plasterwork is sound, and it's just the paint that's flaky, then hire a professional sander, buy yourself a dust mask and get sanding - it'll be a tiring day's work, but will be far less painful that trying to skim it all.



    You don't float skim

    If you really must plaster then proceed as follows:
    1) Get hold of a long straight edge and examine the surface to be plastered in detail. Look for bulges, holes - anything that isn't flat within 2-3mm. This will be a real ***** to skim over so sort it out first - knock off any bulges, fill any dips roughly. Once you have a pretty flat surface to work with you are ready to skim it. Believe me, it's a lot easier to do all this up front!

    2) Have somebody on hand when you mix to clean up your bucket and mixer while you get it on the wall. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed while you work - temperature makes a difference, but humidity helps even more.

    3) Use two coats - get the first coat flat, then immediately get the second coat on - this is where helper helps - have them start mixing as you are finishing flattening.

    4) Once the second coat is flat leave a bit longer then with a large soft paint brush, wet the plaster and then trowel again

    5) Technically you should then do a dry trowel, but this is not going to be necessary as you are almost certainly going to have to sand off your work anyway when finished.

    Your trowel incidentally should have a razor sharp edge which it won't when you buy it - use a grindstone to sharpen first, otherwise it will be impossible to polish the wall.
  9. Tangoman

    Tangoman Active Member

    Oh and when PVA'ing.
    PVA with diluted mix (1:4) first - leave to dry.
    Then repeat with a 1:3 mix and skim when tacky
  10. ogee

    ogee New Member

    polycell have brought out a prouduct for this problem my mate in work used it on his ceilng it called polyskim when he put it on he said he didnt hold out much hope as it loked a bit ropey but the instructions tell you to leave it to dry then go over it with a wet cloth and it takes out all the trowel marks he did this and he said it looked brilliant the only thing is it will work out more expensive than a bag of finish hope this is some help
  11. Neosparks

    Neosparks Member

  12. niton

    niton New Member

    Been a plasterer for nearly 15 years and think you should fill and sand. Its a skill that takes years to learn. Ceilings are also a bit more difficult to do.
  13. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Buy yourself a bag of Gyproc easi-fill, this is your best option by far, it's an easy mix, easily sanded powdered filler.
  14. Retired

    Retired Guest

    Can you use Gyproc Easi-fill to skim an entire wall, or is it just for filling?
  15. trialist

    trialist New Member


    I know this thread is very old, but stumbled on it whilst looking for answers to a question regarding skimming.

    So as the previous person asked...

    Can you use Gyproc Easi-fill to skim an entire wall, or is it just for filling?
  16. BuilderMCR

    BuilderMCR Active Member

    Filling, I'd love to see how much it'd cost to skim a hole wall with it lol. I'd love to see the finish if you use easifill 20 lol
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  17. Skimvader

    Skimvader New Member

    Hi I would recommend dabbing plasterboards over the wall and plastering Or either coating the walls with bonding and skimming over that
  18. Skimvader

    Skimvader New Member

    Can you please tell me why I skimmed a ceiling 9 months ago. And the customer has got me back because the complete skim plaster has came down in a sheet ??? I used Pva
  19. BuilderMCR

    BuilderMCR Active Member

    Did you skim over that ******* annoying shiny paint without using betokontakt??? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  20. Skimvader

    Skimvader New Member

    Yes I did I just assumed the Pva would hold to anything. What is this stuff and is it costly

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