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    I am looking to change my old wall light (1 light bulb) which is upstairs on the landing. It's 2 way (1 gang switch upstairs landing, 1 gang switch downstairs in the hallway). There are 2 cables coming out of the wall. Each cable has 1 red, 1 black, 1 green/yellow wire the red wires from the wall are taped together. The black wires are connected on the left and right, the green/yellow from both cables are sleeved together and connected to the middle connector. I'm not entirely sure how the green/yellow is connected with the silver ring on it.

    The light fixture wires are sleeved in a white material and the wires are plain silver and connected to the same connector as the black cables.

    How do I connect the new light's wires to the old wire colours.


    Hopefully you can see the pictures of the wiring in the link.
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    keep the reds together. The earth green and yellow goes to earth on the light keep together now you need to find out which black wire is the live have you got a test screwdriver or multimeter when you do find the live it goes to the brown wire on lamp and then the other blue goes to the other black. But it looks like there is too much wire for your light to fit on the wall safely without getting trapped you will need to shorten them. Keeping everything in side the terminal with no bare copper showing.
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    Thank you.

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