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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Diy Darren, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Diy Darren

    Diy Darren New Member

    I am soon to be installing some new wall lights in my lounge - what type of back box do i need to put in the wall at the point where the wall light is to be positioned?
  2. im a martian

    im a martian New Member

    I don't think you need any. I just ran a wire from the fused switch i installed just above the skirting board.
  3. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    some will need a besa box, although a normal 1 gang box will also do if needed.

  4. MICC

    MICC Member

    Besa boxes are a good idea but check with light fitting, as the screws do not always line up with the fitting.
  5. im a martian

    im a martian New Member

    c'mon... and i might be over stepping the mark here - but you don't need any box - as long as the light fits securely to the wall, and you have a means of isolating to power to the light i.e. fused switch...

    best bet as always is to read the instructions you get with the light..
  6. MICC

    MICC Member

    A box is always better, if you chase down to the light position, you will have to dig out a hole in the wall to accommodate the connections, this could damage the wall decorations and make it harder to get fixings on the fitting.
  7. im a martian

    im a martian New Member

    MICC i see what you're getting at now - but my wall light was fitted to a plasterboard wall (cavity) from a fused switch at skirthing board level. So the connections sat behind, in the cavity, and the light was anchored with cavity fixings.
  8. gerrin2owd

    gerrin2owd New Member

    You can manage without a box and there isn't any requirement for a switched spur, but an architrave box is neat and accomodates the connections to the fitting although you will still have to sort the fixings of the fitting to the wall.
  9. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    so your connections are hanging loose in the cavity

    So the connections sat behind, in the cavity

  10. im a martian

    im a martian New Member

    ss, yep, they are...
  11. im a martian

    im a martian New Member

    ... is that bad !!!???
  12. MICC

    MICC Member

    Sorry gerri, a lttle lost with your post here, can you explain?
  13. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    The bottom half of a 35mm film canister makes a nice little box big enough to take a strip of choc-block, and small enough that most wall lights will cover it over completely.

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