Wall mounted light switch in bathroom

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  1. MikeS17

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    Can you have a wall mounted light switch in a bathroom.
    I currently have two ceiling mounted pull cord switches just as you enter the bathroom -
    (1) The shower power switch
    (2) The light and a time extraction fan
    These pull cords are mounted right next to each other and keeping getting wrapped around each other.
    They are also not easy to access when the bathroom door is open

    Can the light fan pull switch be swapped for a wall mounted light switch - The wall next to the ceiling were the current pull switches are is not in close proximity to any water outlet (shower head and bath taps at least 2.7m meter away and the closest water is the hand basin is just under 800mm from the wall.

    I know you can have a switch just outside the bathroom door but what about actually inside as long as it not in one of the IP requirement zones
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  3. Comlec

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    I had the same problem.
    Simple solution is to shorten the pull cord for the shower. At head height will do.
    After all it is only required to isolate the shower.
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  4. seneca

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    That's my usual solution to this problem, make the shower cord about half the length of the other one.

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