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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by markh1, Jun 13, 2024.

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    I have walls that have emulsion on them (likely eggshell or similar) water beads and runs off the surface. Im tanking the walls prior to tiling. I contacted Everbuild to ask about wall prep for the tanking membrane as the tub only mentions porous and semi-porous surfaces - they said I need to remove the pain from the walls to ensure proper tanking adhesion.

    I was just thinking of giving it a sand with some coarse sandpaper to key the surface - has anyone applied this stuff on painted walls (walls as in skimmed painted plasterboard)?

    I know the best way is to remove and use tile backer boards but for space reasons I cant add these over and the fact these are paramount walls I wanted to leave what are sound walls intact.

    Hopefully someone has ahad a similar situation and can advise if I really need to remove all the paint back to bare plaster.
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    Just wanted to add, the Everbuild tanking membrane is applied after applying a sealer (one with the kit) - surely the sealer seals the plaster walls making them non-permeable which is what the paint is effectively doing now.

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