Wall removed and how to attach a piece of wood the gap left in the floor

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  1. Lee Morris

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    I've had a door moved and bi folds installed in my kitchen. This has left 2 gaps which my engineered wood flooring runs up to.

    My builder had bought 2 large sections of solid oak wood (one of them is 3 meters long) and was going to somehow fit them in the spaces. Unfortunately due to him trying to overcharge us on a another job he was doing for us at the time, we have now decided not to use him and been left with the lengths of wood.

    I have since decided to try and fit them myself as money is running short on the house project. But I'm unsure how to attach them. Should I use glue or screws or a mixture of both? Should I be putting a vapour layer underneath the wood? The hood is about 3 cm thick.

    If anyone could advise me I'd be most grateful, as I've looked online but can't seem to find advice on my specific problem.

    Thank you
  2. FlyByNight

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    Pictures ... please
  3. Lee Morris

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  4. masterdiy

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    Where your flooring doesn't meet the folding doors, run a line across and cut them off so they are nice & straight & square.
    Position your new oak wood into place, you might have to surface plane to correct thickness, & when your happy, use no nails to glue down. (so u can always lift it when needed)
    The door way, cut to length then scribe so the new piece can be fitted by inserting a few mm's up & then slide it down into place. (very fiddly with all the different edges to get right)Jig saw will help. Make sure that floor section is nice flat & level first.

    I have just done one in the kitchen door floor where the boards didn't go through to the other room.
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  5. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Well-Known Member

    As above, but I would undercut the new piece so it sits just over the existing, similar to a window board/cill
  6. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris New Member

    Thank you both for the advice. As the space in front of the bi folds is 3m long, I thought gluing it might not be enough. Is there not a chance it may become loose after a while?

    Unfortunately the two sides of the door way is at different levels, so it's going to have to be on an angle.
  7. masterdiy

    masterdiy Screwfix Select

    Not if you do it properly. :)
  8. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris New Member

    Haha fair point. Do you thing I will need to put a membrane layer under the wood. This is one between the engineered flooring and the floor. Thanks
  9. Jord86

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    Use clear silicone, its elasticity helps when the oak wants to expand and contract with the humidity and temperature changes.
  10. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris New Member

    What part of the process should I use silicone?

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