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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Homer, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Homer

    Homer New Member

    I am using some large wall tiles (400 x 250) which are white and made in china and are on sale at less than £4 per sq mtr from a very large diy outlet.

    My problem is that the tiles are falling of the wall about 24 hrs after fixing.

    I used these same tiles on another job with thje same results but blamed myself for not priming the walls (bare plaster) but previously tiled.

    This time I was careful to prime the wall with a ultra flexi prime and have used ultra pro stick as the adhesive.

    The adhesive always stays stuck to the wall the tiles comes of cleanly.

    Answering my own question could the tiles be dusty and if so how should I prepare them and is this usual?

    your help much appreciated
  2. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    I've used the ultra adhesives in the past with no problem. What are the tiles made of? ceramic? porcelain?natural stone?

  3. Homer

    Homer New Member

    tiles are ceramic, i think that the probem is either the tile is dusty or the drying times between wall and tile are different, i have now primed the back of the tiles with ultra prime and will let you know the result.
  4. Are you serating too much of the wall in one go?

    Most adhesives only have an open time of 10 minutes or so (that's the time between serating the wall and sticking the tile up).

    Any longer than that and you often get the problem that your having now.

    If the tiles are dusty make sure you brush them down with a hand brush before you stick them up.
  5. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I've not heard of the tile adhesive that you mention, is it a ready mixed type?

    If it is then maybe you should try a cement based adhesive like Bal CTF 3.

    Sounds like the adhesive has a skin on it once it's been troweled, as it's only adhered to the wall or maybe you're not applying enough pressure onto the tile when setting.

    If you touch the adhesive with your finger and it doesn't stick to it then remove the adhesive and re trowel using a fresh coat.
  6. Alternatively, if in fact you're trying to stick them up with Duff beer and Doughnuts, then your probably in trouble to start with DOH!
  7. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

  8. Homer

    Homer New Member

    Really don't think its the adhesive, i used these tiles before with a different adhesive with the same result.

    i have now painted the back of each tile with a priming solution of flexi-prime and will let you know the result.

    I think that the tile surface is dusty causing the adhesive to form a skin.

    i am applying the tiles immediatly after serating the adhesive, so i don't think it's that and when the tile comes of the wall it is almost completely clean but you can see all the little indentations in the adhesive so i think that i am applying sufficient pressure.

    whilst not claiming to be a professional tiler i have tiled many kitchens and bathrooms and never had this problem previously.
  9. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Hi Homer.

    I suspect you are right in your guess as to what the problem is.

    Tile adhesives (even the pants ones) will stick instantly to the tile backs when you position them; if they don't, there must be something on the surface that's preventing this - very likely to simply be dust as you say.

    Give them a wipe with a dark-coloured, damp, clean cloth - you should be able to see on the cloth if there's something there. If it's tile dust, a good wipe over with a damp cloth should be adequate.

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