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  1. MozzyMarr

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    I need to fit a few wall rails but I know in places the bricks behind the plaster are not great, especially the internal walls where the walls are just random bricks inside a wooden frame (120 year old house).

    Rather than fitting lots of small brackets the idea of a rail really appeals to me, that way I don't need to keep measuring for smaller ones and I have a much better chance of hitting a good brick when screwing it in.

    Can anybody recommend a decent rail system and I would I also need to buy the the correct bracket/clips for the wall units themselves? I can only seem to find unbranded stuff on Amazon, Ikea do one but Screwfix etc only seem to sell the 130mm hangers you get with the units.

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. dray

    dray Active Member

    I used these recently and found the price, delivery and quality very good. I seem to remember that they did different lengths as well. I fitted a DIY kitchen and the cabinets simply slid on and along them but I had to trim the sides where the rail runs across a number of units. The really good thing is that you can pick your fixing space to suit.
    In the past I have used the individual brackets and after these I would never use anything else. But then I am never going to fit another kitchen!!
    Hope this helps.

  3. Tilt

    Tilt Active Member

    Do Ikea units not come with a rail for hanging the units on to???
    Or have you already purchased the units elsewhere???

    They changed their design TO this kind of system circa 5 to 8 years ago.
    Been a while since I worked for their Installation company and I have only fitted one of theirs using the rail system, but this was fitting for one of my own customers at their request. (you don't have to use the rail though).
  4. Roys

    Roys Active Member

    I used a rail for fitting my wall units, was going into Thermalite blocks so because they are so soft I put the rail up using half a dozen M6 resin studs. Good solid fixing and much easier in my mind that mucking about with 4 Rawlplugs and screws per unit. I used the rail from Howdens.
  5. McSport

    McSport Active Member

    I have used the Ikea Rail for 3 Wickes Wall Units. All fine.
    Used the Wickes Brackets that came with the Units to hang them on the Rail.
    I think most Units use the same sort of System (I have only fitted a Handful of Wall Units)
  6. MozzyMarr

    MozzyMarr Member

    Thanks that has put my mind at rest a bit that they should just work without too much faff :). Also do people find the rail system is enough to support the weight? Only ever done other kitchen before and ended up adding extra fixings as I didn't trust all that weight just on a those small hangers.
  7. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Active Member

    I have used the above, great product, just used the hangers that came with the cabinets.
  8. Tilt

    Tilt Active Member

    Ikea's older units only had ONE screw per corner on their cabinets, and used a 'keyhole' washer to screw against the brackets to hold them in place.
    I always used a minimum 5x50 goldscrew, maybe if it was red brick built and a row of smaller width units but sometimes went to a 5x80 or 5x100 (using two plugs) and sometimes even a 6x80 if the wall or units required it, again with two plugs.

    Their biggest unit width for their wall cabinets was 600mm though iirc. But their taller ones @920mm (iirc) high demanded extra special attention during fitting.

    Fun days.........but blummin hard work...:)
  9. woodbutcherbower

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    I only ever use rails for hanging wall cabinets, and have done for as long as I can remember. Most important reason for the change from brackets was the constant frustration at detecting buried cables and pipes (Bosch detector) exactly where I needed to drill. With rails, you can choose exactly where to put your fixings - same deal using Space-Plugs for your base units. I use 8mm Fischer plugs and Reisser 5 x 60 screws on standard 720H wall cabinets, with the fixings spaced around 500mm apart on the rail. For extra-tall ones likely to carry more weight, I'll use 6 x 80's into 10mm Fischers. For dot & dab walls, I'll drill all the way though into the masonry, and use either a 6 x 100 or a 6 x 120 into a 10mm plug. Never had one fall down in 35 years and upwards of 500 kitchens.

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