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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Pau, Oct 13, 2021.

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    I'm planing to paint an old pine wardrobe and I'm needing some advice. Please see the photos below.

    What's the best durable primer and paint to use on this type of furniture? Being clear pine, do I need to use Zinsser Bin or Bulleye?

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  2. woodbutcherbower

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    Step 1 is to sand the existing varnish thoroughly to provide a key for the new painted surface. After that - absolutely no need for anything fancy. Leyland Trade acrylic primer is your friend, available from our hosts. You'll need 2 coats, maybe 3. Top coat - although much-maligned, I've achieved spectacular results with Valspar V700 wood & metal paint from B&Q, mixed in any colour you could possibly want - eggshell if you want a bit of a shine, soft-sheen if you don't. You can obviously use Annie Sloan, Craig & Rose or Farrow & Ball if image means more to you than an actual cost-effective result.
  3. Wayners

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    Depends if it stains. I used aluminium primer on mine but zinsser BIN then acrylic primer I'd use today.
    Is it varnish?

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