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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by USAplumb, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. USAplumb

    USAplumb New Member

    Can anyone help,we are moving back to Cornwall from the States where we are having a home built.The heating I am leaning towards ducted warm air,as we have that over here.What are your comments
  2. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    I'd go for underfloor heating and a good gas boiler myself but its your choice:)
  3. Gotcher

    Gotcher New Member

    I've never had warm air heating, and from others who I know have had it I get the impression it's not very good. Warm air heating does not seem to be the fad that it was 20 years ago - but I may be suffering from tunnel vision.

  4. Dicky Minton

    Dicky Minton New Member

    As far as I can see the warm air heating market was split in two. Those types which took the warm air from "bricks" (similar to the old economy seven system) and blew it round the house and those which had (have) a gas fired bioler with a fan feeding directly into ducting.

    My parents still have a blown air system. The first one lasted 25 years and has just been taken out and replaced with a new one. If you need one contact a company called Lennox I think they have an office in Northampton. the system is Canadian. They always found it very good. Although to make it work you need decent gaps under the doors!
  5. GrahamB

    GrahamB New Member

    I don't think that warm-air heating is so popular over here. I used to have it some years ago and was never impressed - tended to be noisy and not very easy to control the distribution. The technology has probably improved since then. I presume you have gas where you are going - I have a place in Cornwall and there is no gas in the town. If you have gas, I would favour a properly designed central heating system, with perhaps skirting-board radiators, which are less obtrusive. If there is no gas, then under-floor heating may be the best bet - less obtrusive than storage heaters. Another point, Cornwall has a milder climate than other parts of the UK and less heating is normally required.
  6. USAplumb

    USAplumb New Member

    Many thanks for all of your quick replies just thought I,d look before going to work 7:30am

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