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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by arsenalboy, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. arsenalboy

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    I have victorian house and over the years we have had the doors stripped back to pine and left them untreated without any problems etc

    Last year we had the door to the small toilet on upper landing stripped, again we left it untreated. I guess having the window open on occassions has caused problems and all of a sudden it wont close.

    On closer inspection the door has gone like a banana!

    Looking at the door forcibly closed from the inside it is as follows. On the hinge side at top and bottom it touches the frame, in the middle of the frame it is 10mm away. So the edge of the door on the hinge side is a perfect banana curve.

    On the opposite side it is 10mm away top and bottom and in the middle (where the lock is) it wont shut.

    Is there a way to get the door back in shape as I don't think just shaving off the edge near the lock is the answer?
  2. timber ninja

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    is the door lining painted or not?

    either way you could remove the door stops (presuming its not a rebated frame) and simply follow the new curve of the door. not completely but lessen the straight meets bent issue.

    as for getting the door back in shape . . . ive seen a few methods but none seem to work in the long run.

    a mate had some success with removing the door when he went away on holiday, laying it flat on the bedroom floor and stacking dense concrete blocks on it (cover the door with something eg 9mm ply) when i say blocks i mean ALOT of blocks.

    it improved the problem but didnt really cure it.
  3. arsenalboy

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    I thought about putting weights on the door flat on the floor, but that is downward force, I assume I need some sort of sideways force?
  4. big all

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    if the door is the same on the hinge and lock side after timber ninjas suggestion get a third hinge and fit making sure its in line with the hinges so it will pull the door strait
    you will obviously have to force the door flat for the hinge to sit in the pocket
    this will of course be easier iff timber ninjas method has straightened the door and will help keep it there

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