Washing Machine Waste Connection

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    Hi all

    Just moved into a rental and the landlord has designed space for a washing machine next to a sink. Looks like the waste pipe should connect into the u-bend. Any suggestions what connections are needed as doesn't look like it will be flush enough just popping the grey pipe on top?


    Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance all.

  2. just pumps

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    A Make sure that spigot is open and not blocked off (a pencil pushed in will tell you)
    B Use a small narrow band Jubilee clip to tighten the hose to the spigot (around 25-32mm jubilee clip)
    C Keep an eye on it when the m/c empties for the first time.
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    And make sure the flexible waste pipe from the machine is taken up to just under the work top level then falls towards that spigot. Otherwise you'll get stagnant water sitting in the pipe.
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    Looks like quite a small spigot to get a jubilee on, probably be fine but tbh if it was me I’d change that trap and put a mcalpine washing machine trap in. Might not be an option for u as it’s a rented accomadation. Would probably mean a minor alteration of the pipe, like a new elbow fitted.
    Are u in the UK, the tap fittings and the trap don’t look like common ones we use here.

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