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    Ya should have mixed up some little old home-brew Napalm, would have nuked then god dammm yellow jacket jam carrying little critters......For good
  2. Sparkielev

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    I'll tell the other half because it was her that went into the loft to do the mission :)
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  3. sparky steve

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    Went to my local store, picked up a can of fly spray and asked the assistant, is this good for wasps? The assistant replied,” No it kills them”.
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  4. jameswills

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    I always use that home defense spray after removing any nests or webs to prevent it from happening again. Might be worth using in this spot now that the nest is gone.
  5. sparky steve

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  6. Harry Stottle

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    I went to our local chemist and asked for something for headaches, they gave me some aspirins and they worked a treat, only an hour later I'd got one.
  7. Astramax

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    Good man, there is no point in putting yourself in harms way.;)
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  8. Astramax

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    More Columbo these days.:rolleyes:
  9. Bob Rathbone

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    I asked the chemist for something for a headache, he gave me a drum. :)
  10. Harry Stottle

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    You must use the same chemist as me Bob.
    A bod walked in and said "I need some glasses" The assistant said "You certainly do, Specsavers is next door".
  11. dinkydo

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    SPECSAVERS ! I was Just reflecting on life guys, as I get older all I need in life is a Specsavers a Boots and a Greggs...... yes life is all Specs Drugs and Sausage Rolls
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  12. Hi, can anyone advise me on who to contact to have a wasp nest removed between the gutter and the roof tiles? I'm not sure if this is a council thing or do I contact a private company. Any advice would be appreciated
  13. Mark DM

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    Private Pest control company. Think the council stopped offering this service years ago
  14. RegB

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    It will be empty at the moment, and won't be re-used.
  15. FlyByNight

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    Recently pulled out three from an attic with one being a ball about 450-500mm diameter - nothing in them at all. If you can get to it, do it yourself.
  16. BuildingMad

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    if you clear it & don't block up the access they will return & rebuild.

    Found one in the loft a few years back & removed it over winter, but did not know where the access was. Last year it was back in the same place, so I killed it after noting where they were getting in & blocked the entry hole. Don't think I will remove though.

    This one, many years ago, under a suspended floor: they were going through an air brick, which now has mesh over it, as do the rest. Killed it & removed it.
    upload_2024-3-8_18-43-43.jpeg upload_2024-3-8_18-43-43.jpeg
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  17. RegB

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    I am unsure how Mr Williams is going to be able to do that, since the nest is "between the gutter and the roof tiles"! :)
  18. BuildingMad

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    Good point. Did not appreciate the location mentioned.
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  19. WildCat

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    Who owns the property?

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