Waste pipe on a dishwasher

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by enat, Jun 1, 2021.

  1. enat

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    We've had a recurring problem on a brand new Sharp dishwasher of it stopping mid-way through the wash cycle. After a couple of misdiagnosis when they did not even turn the machine on to check it, the engineer finally pulled the inbuilt dishwasher out and said that the waster pipe is too low, ie. at a too low angle horizontally which prevents the waster pipe draining and stops the cycle (photo attached). In light of previous mis-diagnosis, I was wondering if, looking at the photo, this waste pipe is indeed too low as I do not know which angle it is supposed to be and whether to trust this report.

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  2. just pumps

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    Whilst not a dishwasher engineer I would agree with him having never seen a low level discharge plumbed in that way. Is there no mention of how it should be or even a picture in the booklet which came with the m/c or online.
  3. enat

    enat New Member

    It was plumbed in during flat renovation and I have no idea what instructions the builder followed.
  4. terrymac

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    It's not plumbed in correctly at all. May even allow smells from the drains to enter the appliance as the waste Pipework doesn't appear be include a trap .
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  5. Muzungu

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    Doesn't look right to me. The outlet pipe from the dishwasher should be looped up preferably as high as the bottom of the worktop, above the level that the sink is likely to be filled, and then back down onto the spigot before the trap. Is that the sink outlet to the left going vertical? If so emptying the sink will likely fill up the bottom of the dishwasher.
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  6. enat

    enat New Member

    Thank you all for your replies, it gives me more confidence to go ahead and have the waste pipe fixed.
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