Waste to soil pipe

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Dan-DSD, May 22, 2020.

  1. Abrickie

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    If the pipe in the wall is inaccessible from inside then, pushing the elbow on and getting a seal is not a given, also there’s the risk that when the elbow from the outside is pulled the pipe comes loose inside. IMHO and no offence to the OP but there’s to many things that can go wrong, for someone who asked how to dismantle push fit. OP would be better trying chemical cleaners again.
  2. Dan-DSD

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    Tbh if its this much trouble, as I half expected, I may as well get a plumber in
  3. terrymac

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    Yes ,it's worth trying drain cleaning chemicals again ,but as the OP has seemingly tried twice without success ,he may have no option but to go down the route of taking pipework apart ,no matter what additional work that entails.
  4. Dan-DSD

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    Well, ended up cutting through the back of the kitchen unit to access the pipe and due to the lack of flexibility at the exterior join ,cut through there also and replaced the pipe and corner. Seal to the soil stack was understandably loose but with the addition of an O ring and sealant, have made a seal and it functions fine. 30 years of blockage gives you, from the corner join thru to the soil stack lol.
    Thanks for your help and advice guys

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