Water leaking from storage tank and overflow

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by C Sb, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. C Sb

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    Hi there

    Hoping for some advice on a plumbing issue.
    Bit of background - currently I am not using my gas central heating system. The system is 20+ years old and kept breaking down and various plumbers visited and fixed problems but advised system flushes or a range of options - essentially the conclusion is I need to replace the gas central heating system and am currently putting money aside to replace with a combi-boiler system in the near future. At the moment it is a cylinder / cold water tank system. So for now am getting by with electric heating and electric shower and hot water tap.
    Recently my overflows started running. Mostly the one from the eaves ( assuming cold water tank) but occasionally the one lower under my first floor bathrooms .
    Got a plumber out who replaced the ball float valve in cold water tank. However the overflow kept running. He investigated and seemed confused as to the issue and the set up of the system. He left saying he would be in touch but despite calls has not. So I have been left with having to turn my mains water off and only putting it on for short periods for showers, washing, toilet flushes etc then switching off again( the patio was flooding so couldn't just leave the overflow running all the time) . This morning having put the water on for showers etc and noticed dripping to find water coming through ceiling. Switched mains off and its appears to be coming from cold water tank through cupboard where cylinder is and to ceiling underneath. Caught quickly so damage minimal but need some advice as to what could be the issue and what needs fixed. Not quite in a position yet to get the system replaced so what are my short term options ? And why is this happening? Now afraid to put water back on at all - obviously not a situation that can be tolerated. Will get another plumber but given the confusion of previous one would be very grateful for some thoughts and advice. Would removing the cold water storage tank and cylinder be a solution in the short term before the full system is replaced? What are the implications? Any help gratefully appreciated.
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    Have you looked in the loft to establish where the leak is coming from ? If the cold water storage tank in loft is overflowing,then it's ball cock is suspect ,or you have mains cold water entering the hot water system ,very often because of a faulty mixer tap.
  3. C Sb

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    Thank you for your reply.
    The loft is accessible but unfortunately not for me as issues with my knee so can't look in detail at the tank but from what I can see the water seems to be coming from the tank in the loft and dripping into the cupboard underneath which hosts the cylinder

    In terms of a faulty mixer tap - a while ago the mixer tap in the kitchen was replaced - to address the fact the gas central heating wasn't working and a new electric heated one put on. These only require one water inlet as opposed to two with a mixer tap and the other feed was blanked off. However this seems to be working fine with no pressure issues or leaks. There are mixer taps in upstairs bathrooms but again no obvious issues with them ?
  4. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    As you are unable to examine the loft yourself ,you will need to engage a plumber to investigate. When mixer taps ( or shower mixer valves) allow mains cold water to get into the gravity fed hot water system the issue isn't obviously visually apparent at the tap. The clue is the cold tanks water level rising when no water is entering through its float valve.

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