Water main is 22mm and black plastic pipe

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    My house is about 40 years old and is in Kidderminster. I've developed a small leak where the water main comes into the house and through a concrete floor in a downstairs loo. I have dug down on the outside of the wall to the water main and was surprised to find it black plastic with 22mm diameter. I have spoken to people like Polypipe who tell me it would normally be 20 or 25mm and blue. I now want to put a straight coupler from the old to the new pipe, but cannot find a suitable 22mm push-fit coupler to go underground. Is it OK to use a standard 22mm compression coupler? (With pipe inserts of course).
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    Wow! Thanks for your prompt answer. I've just watched the video and its exactly what I'm looking for. Very many thanks for your help.
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