Water or Oil in Electric towel rail?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by sbcaddy, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    I had to buy a small towel rail + element due to space where it will be positioned.

    Which is best, filled with oil or water?

    Is the expansion the same or should rail be filled to different capacity for each?
  2. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Would have thought water together with the correct corrosion inhibitor myself. Aren't there any instructions with it?
  3. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    No, I just remember reading somewhere that they performed well with either.

    Just trying to see what people recommend from their own experiences.
  4. Star-Delta

    Star-Delta Member


    The electric version of towel rail would normally
    be pre-filled with oil.

    The towel rail and seperate element is normally used
    in a dual fuel set up on your central heating system.

    I would recommend getting the correct one for the job.

  5. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Take it back and get a pre-filled one designed to do the job.
  6. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    The area where it is to be fixed is very small and towel rail can only be max of 39 x 70cms.
  7. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    Sorry forgot to say do not have central heating.
  8. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Potentially dangerous.

    I saw a home made electric towel rail that had overheated, a weld had burst open and scalding hot water sprayed around the room. Fortunately no one was near it at the time.

    Just fit a proper radiator.
  9. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    G Brown

    If I get a qualified electrician to fit and fill it for me, that presumably will be ok as he'll have to certify his work?
  10. daff

    daff New Member

    A good conscientious electrician will only fit equipment suitable for the purpose. When I said Rocket science I did'nt want you to build one LOL

    You have been given good advice , Fit a proper one, there will be one out there somewhere.
  11. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member


    So best thing for me to do is show the electrician the towel rail and element etc and see what he says.
  12. daff

    daff New Member

    Professional advice yes.Every one I have seen has been pre assembled.
  13. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member

    Ok daff, just have not seen one so small 39x70.
  14. Star-Delta

    Star-Delta Member

  15. sbcaddy

    sbcaddy New Member


    Thank you for link.

    I stand corrected, a woman saying she was wrong that's unusual!!
  16. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    So if you buy a dry electric rad what do you fill it with?
  17. seneca2

    seneca2 New Member

    I've fitted a couple of these in the past and the instructions said to fill with a water/antifreeze mix, leaving level about half inch below bottom of filler orifice. I also bleed any pressure out when heated up. The antifreeze isn't there to prevent freezing, just guarding against corrosion so doesn't have to be a strong mix.
  18. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Nice one Sen..;)
  19. Garethjones

    Garethjones New Member

    I like the one filled with water... I use Electric   Towel Rails Electric   Towel Rails[/url]
  20. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

    I have installed several of the Kudox range. The instructions say to fill with 90% water and preferably add a corrosion inhibitor, they also advertise a range of prefilled ones which are also filled with water. I emailed Kudox because I was interested in the pros and cons of oil filled /water filled and also did the size of the towel rail dictate the size of element to be fitted, unfortunately they didn't care to reply. I can say they are a well built item , and a fraction of the price of say a similar item by Dimplex. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't actually make the rails for Dimplex.

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