Water Patch on wall

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    Guys firstly i would like to thanks you guys for looking and possible helping me with my problem,

    The wall in question has no shared walls, the exterior wall is not covered by cement as its not accessible due to narrow gap between the other property (semi detached house) this wall was originally part of the side entrance to the garden via the garage. prior to skimming the wall, the same area had a pre-existing problem the plaster had come off but no signs of a water leak. so the the whole wall was bounded with water proofing chemical add to it then it was skimmed, when the wall was dry this patched did not dry and its now been 4 month and that patch is still there, when it rains the patch does seem to get more darker, but had the exterior wall cemented as far as the arm could reach which cover that area that is effected, but the problem persists. I need to paint the wall but wanted to sort this problem out first, any advise or help greatly appreciated


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