Water Supply Replacement Job

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Jimbo, Jun 24, 2021.

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    I want to replace an existing black plastic water pipe with MDPE. Stop-tap on path in front of house is plastic quarter-turn job. Run is 20m point-to-point and will require trenching - soil is clay.

    Whilst I'm expecting costs for council path closures and such, I've just received a quote that's based on 15 man-days of work on-site. This feels very excessive.

    Any experiences or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    is there anything difficult about the job that will take lots of time? I replaced 120m in a weekend by myself. 20m is no more than a few hours with mini digger
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    I had a new 10m run of MDPE put in to solve a leak under the conservatory, they had to dig a new trench. Took two guys three days, so 6 man days. and they were doing it by hand due to access and them being concerned about hitting power or gas. They had a hell of a job digging out the trench, they said it was the hardest they had ever come across, seemed to be some sort of compacted aggregate that was almost like concrete in places. The supply was also the deepest they had come across, they very nearly gave up trying to find it as they had gone so deep. They said they would have done it in a day otherwise. I did the final compacting, they filled in, and relaying of the slabs on top.

    I would have thought if you have clay and they are using a digger 4 man days tops if they don't hit problems.
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    That’s a name from my past. I used to live in Crowborough and there were always yellow Coppards trucks around.

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