Waterproofing/insulation of a concrete outdoor office

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Sparkymark81, Oct 11, 2021.

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    Hi ,

    I've had a builder who has done a poor job of building an outdoor office (3.6m x 2.5m).

    It's been built out of single layer concrete blocks and has already been dot & dabbed, boarded and skimmed inside.

    He has now walked off the job as I caught him trying to install silver floor underlay to the outside of the walls as insulation amongst other very poor workmanship.

    I was looking to baton the outside and clad it with overlap feather boards. However, given the workmanship I've seen, I wanted to ensure that it was weather tight, waterproof and insulated.

    I have already applied a clear water proofer (the no nonsense stuff) and i was looking to install the a layer of Tyvek Housewrap and Airtec insulation with the baton's in-between the 2 layers.

    What i was hoping to find out which I'm struggling with is that:

    A) is this overkill and so i only need the 1 product
    B) which way round do I install them if both are ok to use (is it tyvek 1st the Airtec)
    C) If it is Tyvek 1st, does this do direct to the concrete block?

    Sorry for the many questions, but I really don't' trust his work and I would rather not tear it down to start again.

    Many thanks

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