Weakened teams

Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by G Brown., Apr 24, 2010.

  1. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    I hope they'll thrash Chelsea at Anfield, just to regain a little respect and dignity

    Lets hope so, lets also hope Sunderland get a draw. :)
  2. We threw the game for Utd (and turned Chelski over the week before - bliss) so you guys better not let Chelski through now. I can't believe we can still get 4th. Harry's done a great job. Can't have Roman's dirty money winning the prem ponty it's not right. The guy's a gangster ***!
  3. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Were friends again apart from who we want to win the prem.

    Good luck for tonight, i want City to win things but not this year,some of my mates would be unbearable.
    A win does it but a draw is still good for you.

    2-1 to spurs.
  4. It's a massive game for us ponty. Squeaky bum time indeedy. Fingers crossed eh!
  5. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Are you still celebrating?.

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