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  1. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    Cycling home a few days ago I came across a couple of p&ds setting up an extension ladder against a house wall. The road was slightly uneven so they'd placed a wooden wedge under one leg.

    Here's t'thing - the wedge was fitted with the blunt end towards the house and t'sharp end facing into the road. This looked weird - the leg was already at an angle as the ladder was leaning against t'wall, but having the wedge this way made the leg's contact angle with the slope even more severe than if it were contacting the road itself. Chust didn't look right. Surely having t'wedge t'other way would have the ladder leg sitting 'square' on the wedge's slope?

    I approached the two guys and said "Tell me to mind my own business, but shouldn't that wedge be t'other way around?
  2. timber ninja

    timber ninja Member

    and they said . . .

    you cant leave me hanging with such a gripping story!

    c'mon man!
  3. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    He said "Mind your own business.
  4. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    Akshully, he said "No.
  5. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    So I'm still confused... :(
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    P&D's are not renowned for their intellect or finer grasp of Newtons law....
  7. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    T'other thing was that the 2nd fellow - who was holding the ladder for the climber - did so from 'under' the ladder. He stood there holding it with both hands, but pulling it towards him and the house. This also looked weird 'cos I'd have thought that a more successful way to do this would have been to push it from t'front - with at least one foot pressed against ladder foot?
  8. timber ninja

    timber ninja Member

    ok, ive just spent 7 hours on google earth. . .

    turns out by chance i found them, (lucky huh) the ladder had slipped and injured both of them.

    the google car ran them over too . . . bit of a nasty day all round.

    still thats what you get for mis-applying a wedge.

    a lesson for us all :)
  9. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    DA, they are Painters and Decorators - not the sharpest knives in the block ;)
  10. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    Mr Ninja, I do now remember hearing a crash and muffled groan as I rounded the next corner.

    C'mon, many on here must put up extension ladders on a fairly regular basis. Do these P&Ds know something I (and, let's face it, you lot) don't, or are they trading on borrowed time?

    By the time I got home, I'd kind of convinced myself that they might have known what they were doing - perhaps, in some weird way, the ladder leg presses better into the.... Nah. They're fooked.
  11. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    They were still there this morning. Different window, tho', so ladder was level - no wedgie required. One of them clocked me checking out the ladder leg as I passed, smiled and said
  12. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

  13. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    He was probably trying to remember his alphabet....
  14. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    Fada mach, I can just see you cycling around town like "don't wanna do that"


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  15. Fada Mach

    Fada Mach New Member

    Yep! That's me!

    A bit like on here, then...
  16. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    don't wanna do what?

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