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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by martin88, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. martin88

    martin88 Member

    Hi everyone,

    We had these 600 x 600 porcelain marble style tiles installed about 10 days ago, we also have under floor heating (electric matting) and tonight I noticed this weird shadow appear!

    there is no water pipes running in the floor as they come down the wall from
    The roof in our kitchen.

    what could it be, will it go away?

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  2. Dream_Home

    Dream_Home Member

    Do the shadows feel colder or warmer, could be a cold spot on the surface, also what thickness are the tile?
  3. martin88

    martin88 Member

    the tile feels just as warm as the other tiles.
    Tile is 8mm thick.

    im going to try and hair dryer on it later where the shadows are
  4. Dream_Home

    Dream_Home Member

    Does the shadow disappear after the heating is off for a while i.e. the tiles all get cold
  5. martin88

    martin88 Member

    no it’s doesn’t disappear
  6. Dream_Home

    Dream_Home Member

    Sounds like a potential flaw in the tile then, very rare to see this sort of thing due to the manufacturing process, but if it doesn't disappear when cold then that rules out a heat issue being the cause.

    Have you tried contacting the tiler that fitted them, maybe he can help more?

    Do you have spare tiles?
  7. martin88

    martin88 Member

    yeah it’s strange that it’s only on a handful of tiles, and it’s spread about a

    yeah I’ve got about 7 tiles spare.
  8. Dream_Home

    Dream_Home Member

    I would contact the fitter and explain to him, they will be easy enough to remove and replace.
  9. hairymaclary

    hairymaclary New Member

    We're the tiles sealed before grouting or did the instructions say they don't need to be sealed?
  10. martin88

    martin88 Member

    The tiles do not require sealing. So they weren’t

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