Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by BillyBodger, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. BillyBodger

    BillyBodger New Member

    Anyone got experience of the FERM 150T Mig Welder?

    A recommeded buy for the hoem car restorer?
  2. rusty

    rusty New Member

    haven used it meself but would swear by my sip migmate 150t. for car restoration im sure tho, gas is better for welding body panels cos mig welds are a lot harder than mild steel so would be harder to shape after welding, but for other stuff should be ok.

  3. Ian H

    Ian H New Member

    Ive got an SIP 150T too, bought it about 4 yrs ago and its still problem free.
    The majority of my work has been car welding at home ie restoration of an Opel Manta, and also plenty of MOT welding work for my friends cars.
    Touch wood i have not had a problem with it yet.

    Price wise, think it was about £299 at the time from Halfords, and included wire, gas regulator, mask, gloves etc

  4. alex

    alex Guest

    I have a SIP 130T welder which is about two yrs old and I have all ways had problems with the wire feed mechanism I wonder whether other people have the same problem or am I unique.

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