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  1. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Does anyone know if you can and if so where to get attachments for a wet vac (or any vacuum really) that would fit onto either 15mm or 22mm pipe? I have the titan wet vac. Whilst there are host of adaptors including one that is trim able none will go onto the required pipe. I think the adapter might have worked initially but I cut it so it will go onto a sander. As usual there doesn't appear to be possibility to purchase titan spares.

    Having issues with a presumed air lock but it is also possible that there is also sludge that is preventing the CH working. Tried draining and refilling a couple of times. Radiators fill no problems. I have tried backfilling the system via the drain point (for some reason is on external wall at 2.5m height).

    It is a vented system. F&E fills and empties fine.

    I suspect the blockage is in the proximal feed not too far after the pump as there is a radiator not far past the pump that fails to heat despite being full of water. The pump despite increasing the speed has failed to shift the air/crud.

    Have dosed with x800 but no luck which I guess is because it is not getting into the system and instead circulating around the DHW coil.

    Whilst I will probably cut out the very start of the feed pipe and replace I do not know if there is more of a problem a bit further down which is totally non-accessible.

    I had planned on sticking the wet vac onto the feed pipe ( after the pump ) whilst filling via the drain off until all is flowing nicely. Hopefully this will shift the air lock if that is all the problem is but also suck out any crud in the proximal pipe.

    I am loathed to go down the route of powerflushing at the moment as it is an old system and I envisage a whole host of problems arising in inaccessible locations.

    Many thanks
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    On my Makita vac, I used a 35mm to 22mm reducer end feed fitting,(cost £1:80p) & some heat shrink tubing.


    You can also get 35mm to 15mm reducer, again a end feed fitting.

    Power flushing can cause so much grief, & sometimes doesn't solve the issues, a friend paid nearly £400 for power flushing,she still had problems with boiler, so used my Magnacleanse, was shocking how much additional crud it collected.
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  3. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Not at home at the moment to measure up the exact size of the nozels but will be around the 35-40mm range.
    Had forgotten about the shrink wrap!
    Was thinking I might get away with one of those flexible waste pipe adapters but failing to find them on SF. Can't remember if they go down to 22mm. Will keep searching.

    Don't have any 35mm reducers (28mm largest I have). SF don't seem to stock them either only BES which would take a few days postage.
  4. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    28mm might be ok, if you bell out the end a bit, if vac hose is 32mm.
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  5. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Will measure up when back home but as you say 28mm might be OK. Either that I am sure that I could fashion something out of compression waste fittings and shink wrap.

    Had just hoped that there might be something commercially available. Gap in a certainly niche market!
  6. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Fitted a TF1 filter on the system that had previously had none. Given that water only seems to be circulating round the DHW system I was shocked as to how much gunk it picked up. Dread to think what else is lurking in the rads and pipes!
  7. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

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  8. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Thanks for the link. Doesn't say what size the ends are unfortunately and making the seal could be tricky.

    Am considering the Heath Robinson approach.
    21.5mm to whatever size is closest the vac hose coupler. Short length of 22mm tube encouraged to fit the 21.5mm then glued in place. Pushfit to form connection to current pipework and shink wrapped onto vac attachment. The Franken-tube can live on the vac for similar situations as and when they manifest.
  9. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    McAlpine 11/4" R16 or 11/2" R17 might fit over 32mm/35mm vac ose ?
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  10. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Reading the product information for the vac it seems to suggest the pipe is 32mm but doesn't mention what size the adapters are. Guess will have to wait until home and see what fits.

    Lots of waste pipe fittings and tube lying around so will have a play about.
  11. Dave does Gas

    Dave does Gas Well-Known Member

    Just stick the nozzle of the over over the pipe and wrap a rag around it creats a perfect seal
  12. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    I have a £35 wet and dry titan vacuum and the push fit pipe to vac is easily removed from the original pipe. What you need to do is buy a henry vacuum pipe and attachments cheap off eBay then the original titan van conector fits the henry pipe perfectly. I have a festool push fit pipe that also fits titan and the mirka pipes also fit.... Just buy a henry pipe although I am trying one of those pipes that are 1m long but strech to 6m..its OK.. Betrer with Henry pipe.. I have loaded up a video on YouTube showing the pipe mod.... @fostyrob the titan attachment that pulls off pipe fits the 32mm henry vac pipe
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  13. fostyrob

    fostyrob Active Member

    Many thanks for the reply/video wayners. Henry hose on order!

    Thanks again!
  14. Chris Ford

    Chris Ford New Member

    I did the same job with a tapered rubber stopper from a home brew shop. I just drilled it out to 22mm and forced the pipe in. Worked a treat and hasn't moved. I now use it to vacuum the van between the seats!

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