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  1. what sort of blow torch/should i buy for general plumbing work?
  2. Plumbslayve

    Plumbslayve New Member

    I'm not a plumber but I've heard Rothenberger are good.
  3. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    I've always used the primus range, highly recomended for proper plumbers.
  4. Kardon81

    Kardon81 New Member

    Save your pennies mate i've got Rothenberger £70 its is good but Bernzomatic from BandQ is identical and only about £25. I've used my mates Bernzomatic and its good can't tell any differance.
  5. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    The flame might be the same but the Rothys will be more reliable ;).
  6. mad.max

    mad.max New Member

    Until you drop it!
  7. Dyke Pullover

    Dyke Pullover New Member

    I got the Rothenbeger it's great so relaible, it also doubles up fora brilliant ciggy lighter. Use it with propane and mapp which getting use to.
  8. mantor

    mantor New Member

    * myself yesterday, dropped my torch under a suspended floor while soldering an awkward joint. The f*ckin thing was lying at the bottom out of reach, still on full blast. I had visions of burning the house down, but put it out by reaching down with a floorboard and holding it right up to the nozzle.

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  9. are there any good blow torches on here like the ones mentioned? cheers
  10. superfurryanimal

    superfurryanimal New Member

  11. Dyke Pullover

    Dyke Pullover New Member

    *** connect it to the gas main.
  12. ponty 01

    ponty 01 New Member

    i have the rothenberger and the bernzomatic had both for a few years now,they are the same torch both are as good but i doy sway towards the bernzomatics price.
  13. ok i think ill buy a Bernzomatic! which one is the most suitable? as the are many different flames etc
  14. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    The Roth Super Fire 2! They are almost identical to the Benz, but better stock. And they'll send you replacement service kits out when parts are worn.
  15. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    Rothenburger don't make anything guys they brand other peoples. So they brand bezomatic torches, knipex grips, kopex slices, someone elses benders etc etc. The torch is good but is a benzomatic with a different nozzle in the case of the superfire 2. I am getting sick of Rothenburger it's everywhere in the merchants all overpriced and other peoples anyway. Why don't Bahco or monument get in there.

    Real plumbers use Primus anyway.
  16. Dubs

    Dubs New Member

    Superfire 2 is a good torch or bullfinch do a very good one but its very expensive.

    Superfire 2 £40.00, Bullfinch is about £59.00 but you have to buy a reg and bottle as well.
  17. Synchron Motor

    Synchron Motor New Member

    On about my fourth Rottenburger in about as many years. Good bit of kit when new, but not up to the abuse my tools get everyday! If I take anything back after a few months no-one believes me, and they say "**** off! This is years old!"
    Also, a word of warning. When you get a lump of solder stuck down the nozzle and the flame goes bandy, turn it off before knocking it out. Last year a bloke subbing for the same firm as me set himself and a kitchen alight by banging his lit RB against a brick. The torch snapped at the aeration holes and he had a fireball in his lap. Poor sod.
  18. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

  19. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Does that mean you can't use MAPP?? Gonna be hard work soldering the 35s and 42s!

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