What brand car tyres are good

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by lemonade, Apr 17, 2020.

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    Willy, you aren't suggesting the OP is 'careful with there money' surely not.:D
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    I've had a look at the reviews on oponeo and they are using the same reviews on the cheap tyres as for the expensive tyres. In the dry I could get away with budget tyres but in the wet I want something pretty good as some of the roads and roundabouts around me are dangerous in the wet. It looks like I will have to take a chance on tyres as I didn't know the wet rating is for braking. These are the tyres that I'm thinking of buying.
    Firestone Roadhawk £60.98.
    Hankook KINERGY ECO K425 £65.98.
    Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde £68.26
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  3. Timbo66

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    Try camskill.co.uk
    Used them for 255/45R20 Pirelli and came in at less than half the cost of the local dealer. Total cost including fitting at said dealer!
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    Camskills or demon tweaks are my usual choice and avoid fitting centres and fit myself...
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    tbh i just fitted two on the front end of one of my cars, they were the cheapest i could get and it is way better than 10 year old worn tyres and i guess much safer too (admittedly the vehicle in question is beyond economic repair if i had to pay anyone to do anything on it but i don't)
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    For wet weather performance, a quiet comfortable ride and high mileage Michelin every time. Expensive but worth it. Otherwise look at Hankook which are highly rated but midrange priced.
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    I reckon the OP has it sorted by now, 10 months on!!

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