What colour silicone?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Hans_25, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Hans_25

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    Need to get my newly tiled bathroom siliconed but am struggling to decide which colour. There is a mix of white bath, chocolate coloured tiles on one wall, worktop is similar, and a beige type tile on two other walls. So there are lines of white/beige and cholocate/beige as well as brown worktop/beige.

    I don't want neutral as it is too transparent and will show the slightly uneven grout lines at the bottom of the tiles in places. Was thinking white everywhere, but wondering if beige silicone where the beige tiles meet the worktop & darker tiles, with white where tiles meet the white bath.

    DC785 only has 4 colour options - white, beige, neutral and a grey.

    Would white everywhere look more uniform and so better?
  2. Its much easier to judge what colour silicon you would be best with if we could see some pics,
    But i would say to go to where you got your tiles from, most tile merchants keep a range of sanitary silicons to match there grout range,
    If you popped into topps tiles they have a great range of Bal micromax2 coloured silicons theres at least a dozen maybe sixteen colours in there range, Bal products are really good,
    Ive used there silicon alot never shrinks or dries out even with UFH,
  3. Hans_25

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    Thanks...yes a photo would help, but I wonder if its good practic to keep to one colour, or mix and match the silicone according to adjacent colours.

    The grout used was BAL from Topps Tiles so my tiler almost certainly can get a hold of more colours.
  4. LEH

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    A photo would definitely be helpful as it sounds a bit busy. I like white onto baths, basins, toilets etc, then colour match to grout for wall corners, onto worktop etc. Clear for the metal bit of shower screens.
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  5. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Active Member

    That was pretty much the "mix and match" option I had in my head.

    If you had an inside wall corner where light and dark tiles meet, would you use silicone to match the light or the dark tiles?
  6. RolandK

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    Mapei also do a good range of colours. Used some about 8 years ago in some expansion joints in ceramic floor with UFH and still good.
  7. Pollowick

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    Have a look at the ARDEX range, they have quite a few colour options.

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