What decking board spacing? (wet/dry boards)

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    Good day chummers,
    Decking noob here.
    I've been delivered some wet(ish) boards (125mm width) and some dry boards (120mm). I'd like to get the board spacing to be a compromise between getting some air in and looking good; 6mm between dry boards seems to be the rule of thumb. What I'd like to avoid is big old gaps between boards or zero gap allowing no airflow.

    Should I do 0mm spacing between wet boards, 6mm between dry boards, and 6mm between adjacent wet and dry?

    Also, my concern is that for the 6mm spaced dry boards, in wet conditions the boards might expand and cause there to be no gap when airflow is needed the most. Is this likely to happen?

    Also what's the recommended gap between board ends (end to end)? I read 6mm so was going to apply the principal above.
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    Sorry, 0mm between wet boards, 6mm between dry, 3mm between wet+dry adjacent.

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