What goes first changing radiators, skirtings or floor restoration?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Naiema a, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. Naiema a

    Naiema a New Member


    just moved to a Victorian terrace - pulled off some of the skirting boards, but now unsure if you would get the skirting done before the original floor restoration and radiators?
    Which of these goes first? Know the plumber will need access to the pipes under the floors, but how will I get skirting on after the radiators? I’m changing from normal to cast iron radiators

  2. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    Ideally get the pipework done under the floor first, then floor restoration then skirting then put on the new radiators.
  3. Naiema a

    Naiema a New Member

    Thank you - but if that’s not possible to break up the pipe work and radiators done separately, then what would you recommend.

    Do the skirtings need to be removed for the floors to be done? I was thinking skirtings then radiators then floors?
  4. Offshore

    Offshore Active Member

    Skirting after flooring generally provides a neater finish.
  5. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    Any plumber that knows what he is doing will be able to put the Rads on later. Unless he's a jobsworth!
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  6. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    You could get the plumber to chase the pipe work into the walls so the tails come out the wall Horizontally instead of coming out of the floor. As long as you set these at the correct height, you could get your radiators fitted and working and won’t need to disturb them later on. You can then sort the floors and fit skirting.

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